We have created the largest, fastest, most efficient, and automated water bottling facility in New Zealand.

We currently pack our own brand plus we offer private label manufacture for some of the country’s largest retail chains. Our production capability sits at volumes of up to 32,000 bottles per hour. A significant investment in state of the art machinery, innovative automated production capacity, combined with sheer size gives us the ability to produce more than 200 million bottles per year.

We operate a fully automated bottling line with robotic palletising and a state of the art satellite tracking system. We have capacity to carry 2,200 pallets of finished goods, plus 500 pallets of raw materials on site. In addition, we also carry 5000 pallets of finished goods in a variety of strategic offsite storage facilities throughout New Zealand, giving us the ability to offer next day delivery to most of our customers nationwide.

Due to our speed and scale we can only offer contract pack for larger volumes to suit customers with high demand.

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